About us

One face to the customer – a saying which we achieve with our service in the water supply and sewage industry.

Due to our large range of experience we are a competent partner for all kinds of problems. If you have a problem which is not lised in our service overview, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!  

Our team
Our team is specialised in analysing, stopping and/or preventing water loss. We support our clients to take care of the environment and to save money.
For us, the protection of water resources is of the highest priority.
There are living things who can live without light and oxygen, however, there is none who can live without water Without water the human being is able to survive only a few days. Eliminate conerns by using our specialists to check your pipes and mains systems on a regular basis.
We check your pipes and mains systems using state of the art techniques and methods.

We also have the know how to supervise a special zone via a mobile measuring drain. Our team is highly qualified and identify the mistakes using a state of the art technique.

As a partner of numerous water supply companies, engineer’s offices, installation companies, insurance companies, industrial sites, airports and private customers we fullfill our performances in accordance with the relevant regualtions. We are a member of the  DVGW (German association for gas and water) and therefore we are always informed about the latest requirements.

Our customers appreciate our regular inhouse exhibitions which we carry out with well-known manufacturers of the water industry. This important service is offered to make sure that employees and customers are always kept up to date.