Leak locating
Do you have a leak in your pipes? We locate your leak using a state of the art technique. (hearing process, correlation, pipe analysis, thermographic, etc.)

Pipe locating
Understanding your pipes is not easy. We help you to understand by using different methods. If you require documentation for your GIS we are happy to assist you.
- Porbe locating up to 300 m
- Leak removal

cleaning of elevated tanks
We clean and disinfect your elevated tank according to the DGVW standards using a state of the art technique.

Disinfection of pipes and supply plant
We disinfect your new pipes or existing pipes. Supply plants will be disinfected up to a certain degree according to the same process.

Measurement of the inside pressure of pressure pipes
If you need a certificate for a new pipe or a report about an existing pipe? We will carry out a measurement of the inside pressure according to DIN 4279.

Annual contract / Maintenance contract
If you have signed a contract with us, we keep your water losses at a minimum or we maintain your mains systems, supply plants and pipes.

Measurement of the consumed pressure
In order to be able to document a pressure fluctuation, we will use different pressure senses. Thereby you will receive a computer based evaluation of these results.

Determination of the waterflow
We check your hydrant according to DIN 14200. You will receive a documentation of the status of your hydrant and of the supply net. A computer will calculate your water security in case of fire.

TV examination
You need a report about the pollution of your mains or about the status of your source pipes? We will examin your pipes with high standard technique.

Checking your control cable
Is the data transfer from your elevated tank to your pumping station unstable?
We have the equipment to locate the error and to remove it. Due to telecontrol installations our lives have changed. Therefore we have to measure errors and interruptions quickly in order to ensure a trouble-free supply.

Intensive pipe cleaning using gas turbulences
The intensive pipe cleaning is carried out via computer based gas turbulences. Non-bonded deposits and biofilms in the pipes can be removed with this method. If you have problems with germs or brown water you should contact us.

Germs quick test
Do you have a problem with germs (Legionellen)? We are able to tell you within two hours if the germ concentration is too high. We are certainly able to carry out the cleansing.

Humidity measurement
We document the allocation of humidity within floor cavities or walls. Due to this measuring method we can inform you about the location of humidity spots after a pipe leak.

Air dehumidify / drying
We dehumidify your water damage. We have different equipment to remove your water damage. If you would like to carry out a drying on a long-term basis, you can order different equipment via our sales department.