Elevated tank cleaning

We clean and disinfect your elevated tank according to the DGVW standards using a state of the art technique Elevated tank pipe


Mains system rinsing

The intensive pipe cleaning is carried out via computer based gas turbulences. Non-bonded deposits and biofilms in the pipes can be removed with this method. If you have problems with germs or brown water you should contact us.

Intensive pipe cleaning in the building


Leak locating

Do you have a leak in your pipes? We locate your leak using a state of the art technique. (hearing process, correlation, pipe analysis, thermographic, etc.)


Thermal imaging


Exhibition event

TV examination


Air dehumidify/drying

We dehumidify your water damage. We have different equipment to remove your water damage. If you would like to carry out a drying on a long-term basis, you can order different equipment via our sales department.


Artificial snowmaking